For most, the decision to build a house is one of the biggest decisions when it comes to financial investments. The average family mostly finances the venture from savings or lending, in all of this it is very important that all expenses are planned and optimal.

Cost optimization means first of all research and analysis and then smart spending. When it comes to construction works, we mostly listen to the profession, and probably none of us will dare to discuss which is the best construction material. While with the purchase and selection of carpentry for the house, the matter is somewhat different.

Sometimes, out of ignorance, the wrong choice of carpentry can occur, often guided by the desire to save as much as possible, and a counter effect is created. That’s why we advise that, in addition to building materials, pay attention to the carpentry and thermal insulation of the roof, because these are the places of the greatest energy loss. For good insulation and temperature in the house, you should choose adequate windows and doors.

They will provide you with additional sound insulation, especially if you are in a noisy area. Be sure to consult with experienced joinery manufacturers before making a decision and installation in order to make the best choice, because calculations have shown that the greatest amount of energy is lost precisely on windows and doors.

We at AD Logistic offer adequate advice when it comes to such investments and are happy to help each customer choose the best and most optimal solution for himself and his space.

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Take advantage of this opportunity, so if it’s a question of larger financial expenses, find out all the relevant information about that topic before buying. You can make your house an energy-efficient space if you install PVC joinery made in accordance with world standards.

That’s exactly what we sign at AD Logistic thanks to the renowned manufacturer VEKA. In addition to the choice of PVC profiles, which should only be of RAL class A quality, glass on the joinery also plays a big role in achieving good insulation, as well as blinds that create an additional insulating layer on your windows and doors.

Why PVC carpentry?

Are you wondering why you should choose PVC joinery? Some of the advantages that PVC joinery offers are: significant energy savings for heating and cooling, excellent sound insulation, resistance to all weather influences, it can fit perfectly into the environment, a large selection of colors and patterns for creative solutions, and at the same time there are no additional maintenance costs.

You can achieve ideal results in energy saving if you decide on the VEKA SOFTLINE 82 system with three-layer low-emission glass (Low-E) filled with argon and RAL installation, which has even 50% better thermal insulation than standard windows on the market, and as for sound insulation, it is impressive how much it reduces external noise. The possibilities of installing large glass surfaces for greater openness and lighting of the space of your house and connection with the yard are diverse.

The popularity of sliding doors was contributed by the practicality of opening and closing and the mechanism that enables a large number of cycles through daily use. By using them, we make the space in which one lives to be used to the maximum, and the interior and exterior to be modern and unusual, so they are increasingly part of contemporary architecture. If you also have a terrace in the house project that you want to glaze so that you can stay on it in the winter, you also have more options.

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