In the past, windows had an exclusively functional role in the construction of space, today the modern PVC window is multi-purpose, apart from its fundamental use, aesthetics is a very important element when choosing a window. Sound and thermal insulation should not be neglected either, an environmental impact that also appears as a lifestyle and living style.

Today, the modern buyer wants to satisfy more needs than the basic one by choosing a product, and PVC windows enable them to do just that. Today, the window is also considered a special design element that can be used to further refine, beautify, and give it a completely new look.

AD Logistic is a company that has been doing business for many years with the renowned manufacturer VEKA AG, which produces profile systems made of PVC material, they meet the highest requirements of aesthetics and functionality – exclusively in the highest RAL class A quality according to DIN EN 12608. This means perfection down to the details, which opens a new space for planning and design. That’s why we are the choice of many who want flawless windows that will fit perfectly into any interior.

Today you have at your disposal a wide range of design options to implement your ideas. Colored windows are very popular. They give a special charm to both residential and commercial buildings and provide the opportunity to give the space your personal touch. Thanks to new technology that provides both style and energy efficiency, as well as new trends in interior and exterior decoration, the contemporary design of VEKA PVC windows is limited only by imagination.

For those who want more…

In addition to the standard white color and proven decorative foils in wood colors and decors, we offer innovative design surfaces VEKA SPECTRAL, as well as surfaces with aluminum coverings, which further expand the range of colors. With the unique quality of the colors, which are very stable and resistant to various weather influences, the windows become high-quality design elements adapted to any architectural style. No matter what you choose, all our surfaces are easy to clean and with care and maintenance will last and stay beautiful for many years.

As far as the shape of PVC windows is concerned, in addition to classic, rectangular shapes, in modern architecture, round and arched windows, windows whose glass is visually divided by slats, then symmetrical or asymmetrical, as well as triangular windows stand out a lot. By installing panoramic windows, the home becomes non-standard and exclusive, even glamorous.

Also, there are several ways of opening windows, but not all of them adapt equally to every space. All of them have their own characteristics, so you can choose classic turn-and-tilt windows (single or double), sliding, accordion, etc., in accordance with your needs and wishes, as well as the possibilities offered by your interior.

Rooms within the same home can differ significantly. That’s why you should pay attention not only to the location of the building, but also to the space itself and its size. In principle, standard turn-tilt windows from the VEKA profile system SOFTLINE 82, SOFTLINE 70 or EFFECTLINE 70 provide the best characteristics.

Sophisticated customers often choose some of the high-performance sliding windows, designed, for example, for large openings leading to porches or terraces, such as the VEKA MOTION lift-and-slide system. PVC windows with highly energy-efficient VEKA profiles are very resistant and practical and offer a large number of solutions.

With the various window profiles of the company VEKA, you can easily realize your own design ideas, without renouncing the most modern trends and features. From the individual shape, color and different dimensions, to the smart division of window surfaces on the facade, with VEKA window systems, you are free to indulge your imagination and realize the windows and spaces of your dreams.

We offer only the best from VEKA partners in our own production at #ADLogistic. That’s why we keep going.

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